The 20 Most Expensive Diamond in the World

This is a relatively simple post that took many hours of researching auction sale results but the result is one of the most comprehensive lists of the 20 most expensive diamonds in the world.

NameAuctionWeightSale Price USDSale Price GBP
The Perfect PinkChristie's, Hong Kong, 29th November 2010
14.23$23.1 Million£14.8 Million
The Winston Blue
Christie's, Geneva, 14th May 2014
13.22$24.1 Million£14.3 Million
The Wittelsbach DiamondChristie's, London, 10th December 2008
35.56$24.3 Million£16.3 Million
Cullinan Dream
Christie's, New York, 9th June 2016
24.18$25.3 Million£17.5 Million
The Winston LegacyChristie's, Geneva, 15th May 2013
101.73$26.7 Million£17.5 Million
Sweet Josephine
Christie's, Geneva, 10th November 2015
16.08$28.5 Million£18.8 Million
Oval White DiamondSotheby's, Hong Kong, 7th October 2013
118.28$30.7 Million£19.1 Million
The Unique PinkSotheby's, Geneva, 17th May 2016
15.38$31.5 Million£21.7 Million
The Pink PromiseChristie's, Hong Kong, 28th November 2017
14.93$31.8 Million£24.1 Million
The Zoe Diamond
Sotheby's, New York, 20th November 2014
9.75$32.6 Million£20.8 Million
De Beers Millennium Jewel 4Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 5th April 2016
10.10$32 Million£22.4 Million
Grisogono Diamond
Christie's, Geneva, 14th November 2017
163.41$33.7 Million£25.7 Million
The Orange
Christie's, Geneva, 12th November 2013
14.82$35.5 Million£22.3 Million
The Princie Diamond
Christie's, New York, 16th April 2013
34.65$39.3 Million£25.6 Million
The Memory of Autumn LeavesSotheby's, Geneva, 16th May 2017
14.54$42 Million£32.5 Million
The Graff Pink
Sotheby's, Geneva, 16th November 2010
24.78$46.1 Million£28.7 Million
The Blue Moon of Josephine
Sotheby's, Geneva, 11th November 2015
12.03$48.4 Million£31.9 Million
The Pink Legacy
Christie's, Geneva, 13th October 2018
18.96$50 Million£38.5 Million
The Oppenheimer BlueChristie's, Geneva, 18th May 2016
14.62$57.5 Million£39.5 Million
The Pink StarSotheby's, Hong Kong, 4th April 201759.60
$71.1 Million£57.1 Million

The Oppenheimer Diamond

The Pink Star